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Event Mapping -

Event Mapping is a new sub-component of the Related Content Framework. PeopleTools released Event Mapping with version 8.55. It's an interface to extend PeopleSoft Components by means of custom code and this custom code can be stored in external application package. Easy configuration of code to PeopleSoft component using Related Content Framework and the configured code has full access to component buffer, does not impact PeopleSoft Delivered code.

So, one of the most concern was that does the Event Mapping supports Component Interface as it's important for customization. ??

Event mapping works in Component Interfaces (supported in 8.55.09 PeopleTools). But, the solution seems to be not working fully without workaround and below is the use case that demonstrates the same:

1. Create App package and Class for the Service ID:

2. Create an Related Content Service definition using the Application Class:

3. Associate the Service ID created to the Job Data component in HRMS portal as shown below to the Job Record for SavePreChange event:

4. When this is invoked thru PIA using correction mode for the Job Data component we can see the event gets invoked:

5. When the Component Interface for the Job Data i.e CI_JOB_Data is used to update/insert any data we can see there is no event being invoked configured as part of the Event Mapping:

Hence, it looks the event configured for the SavePreChange event is not getting invoked when we update the data from the Component Interface.

Solution :

1. Event Mapping is expecting the 'MenuName' but is optional and only configurable only when the %MenuName is used in the CI. When we configure the same for the CI it looks the event is getting invoked as expected:

So, when the 'MenuName' name is selected for the CI - CI_JOB_Data the event gets invoked configured for the 'SavePreChange' event as show below:

2. The above works fine when there is any delivered peoplecode in the SavePreChange event for the Component Record Job, else the event doesn't get invoked in PT8.55. But, this seems to be working fine in PT8.56 as it works if there is no delivered peoplecode for the event. Hence, we need PeopleTools to deliver the fix in the PT8.55 patch to fix these issue for Event Mapping to work without any workaround for CI for customization to work fine.


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